TIJUANA (Border Report) — Hundreds of people who have missing family members pleaded with government officials to do more to help find those listed as missing in Tijuana.

The demonstration took place at the base of the city’s popular Cuauhtémoc monument before marching down to city hall.

Along the way, they chanted slogans such as “they were taken away alive, we want them back alive.”

“We are asking for justice for our missing. We want them to support us and help to find them. We don’t want to be left alone,” said Estela Avilés, whose son disappeared in July 2020. “I’ve investigated this, but in a year I haven’t heard one word from police.”

During the march, Avilés held a picture of her son, as did Lidia González.

González’s son disappeared 16 months ago.

“We want justice. We want them to work each case, many days go by and we have no answers,” González said. “All the information they have is because I gathered it and gave it to them.”

The state’s Missing Persons Association urged city officials to start a database for the missing.

“We have tried to push for this database as a way to find out how many are missing,” said Fernando Ocegueda, who runs the association. “There are no funds available from the state, it doesn’t have the resources or personnel to do this type of work.”

Ocegueda placed blame on state prosecutors.

“Where is the attorney general? You’d think they would be able to do better, but nothing has been done to favor the victims,” he said.

Border Report reached out to the Baja California state attorney’s office for comment and will update this story when it receives a response.