PHARR, Texas (Border Report) — A large cache of weapons, including hundreds of rounds of ammunition and magazines, were recently heading south to Mexico before being confiscated at the port of entry in Eagle Pass, Texas, U.S. Customs and Border Protection said.

Thirty-four weapons, 68 magazines and 461 rounds of ammunition were found on March 16 at the Eagle Pass Camino Real International Bridge when CBP officers referred a southbound passenger vehicle that was hauling a utility trailer for further inspection. There, officials found the weapons and ammunition hidden with the trailer, CBP officials said.

“This significant outbound weapons seizure underscores the dangerousness of the flow of southbound weapons, its impact on violence in Mexico but also the resolve of CBP officers to uphold CBP’s border security mission and deny this alleged smuggling attempt,” Eagle Pass Acting Port Director Michael Martinez said.

Drug cartels and transnational criminal organizations often send drugs and smuggled immigrants north to the United States, and have weapons and money sent south to Mexico.

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