TIJUANA (Border Report) — The two men who ran a Facebook page known as “Tijuana 664” were murdered Saturday night outside the home they shared in the Tijuana neighborhood of Cañón El Rubí.

Both men were shot and killed, according to Baja California state investigators, who identified the victims only by their first names: Sergio, 40, and Mario, 43.

Their Facebook postings were anonymous, and the entries often included gossip, rumors and copies of stories from sources within mainstream media.

And they were known for posting gory details of violent crimes in Tijuana.

Neither Sergio nor Mario were considered journalists and reporters south of the border said they did not take their Facebook page seriously.

“These kinds of pages, and the people behind them, are putting us at risk,” Sonia de Anda told the San Diego Union-Tribune.

De Anda is a veteran reporter in Tijuana who runs the news site Esquina 32.

Investigators believe the victims were murdered because they were publishing information about drug cartels.

They say no one has been arrested in connection with the murders.

Tijuana 664 had about 17,000 followers on Facebook; 664 is Tijuana’s telephone area code in Mexico.