MEXICALI, Mexico (Border Report) — The death toll from extremely hot temperatures in and around the Mexican border city of Mexicali has reached 21, according to the medical examiner in the city.

The latest victim is an unidentified migrant from the Mexican state of Sinaloa whose body was discovered last Saturday under a tree near the U.S-Mexico border.

According to the Mexicali Medical Examiner’s Office, the man was a migrant who was part of a large group intent on crossing the border.

He is said to have stayed in Mexico and did not venture into the U.S. with the others in the group.

Mexicali, located about 120 miles east of the Tijuana-San Diego region, has been engulfed by high heat since early April, with daily temperatures rarely going below 100 degrees.

On occasion, city officials say the mercury has hit 120 or higher.

The medical examiner says most of the people who have died, due to the scorching temperatures, were migrants who came to the city on their way north of the border.

So far, only 10 of the 21 bodies have been claimed by family members.

As a way to try and avoid more fatalities, the city of Mexicali has activated dozens of “hydration centers” around the area where migrants and the homeless are welcome to rest inside in air-conditioned environments.

They are also fed and given the chance to take showers.

Last month, the city launched a campaign to warn migrants against the dangers of crossing the border into the harsh California desert.