MATAMOROS, MEXICO (Border Report) — Wisconsin lawyer Charlene D’Cruz, 53, is an outspoken advocate for immigrant rights. She is a member of the nonprofit organization Lawyers for Good Government, and on Saturday helped to organize a group of lawyers who went to Matamoros, Mexico, to help asylum-seeking migrants who are living in a tent encampment on the streets.

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As she looked around at the chaos and confusion, she recalled being embedded with a caravan of 6,000 migrants who were trekking north from Central America in the hopes of seeking asylum in the United States in November 2018

She said she was one of only four American lawyers who traveled with this group. While on the expedition, D’Cruz said they got up at 4 every morning ⁠— toddlers and babies included ⁠— and walked for hours and hours each day.

“It was the most amazing and most organized group,” D’Cruz told Border Report in this video excerpt.

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