Cuban asylum seeker shares his experience as he heads from El Paso to Miami


When Nico arrives in Miami with his aunt and has access to Facetime, he will be calling his 4 year old son who he hasn’t seen him in months.

EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – Many migrants coming through the borderland are flying out of El Paso to get to their destination.

“I want to hug my family and talk to my son,” said Nico who is seeking asylum.

When Nico arrives in Miami with his aunt and has access to Facetime, he will be calling his 4 year old son who he hasn’t seen him in months.

“Four months, my aunt tells me, nah he’s fine. It’s very difficult,” said Nico.

Nico is not his real name but he is scared to reveal too much about himself because he doesn’t want his family targeted back home in Cuba.

“We have to escape from Cuba because we are followed, threatened, and harrarssed by the system and the police,” said Nico.

He crossed into the country legally through the Santa Fe Port of Entry. He said he waited more than 40 days in Juarez before he was accepted into the U.S. The long process would only get longer.

“The process is hard. I’ve never lived in a prison or been locked up,” he said.

In the U.S. he said he was held for more than 50 days. Nico said the worst thing about the process is waiting for an unknown amount of days.

“You just don’t know how long. Some people there, for a few days or six months, or five or four or three months,” said Nico.

He spoke with many who crossed the border illegally and said they all share the same cells.

Nico said most didn’t know they were crossing illegally and were conned by people in Mexico looking to make a quick buck.

“Pass here through this bridge, get on this car, we’ll tell you when to run across. They lie to them,” he shared.

Nico said with so many people crossing illegally, there should be more prominent warning about what the fees and punishment are if migrants do not cross through a port of entry.

“If there was more knowledge that anyone crossing illegally will be federally charged and have to serve time in federal prison, I assure you that no one, at least not Cubans, would cross illegally,” said Nico.

In Miami, he’ll wait for his immigration hearing set for next year.

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