SAN DIEGO (Border Report) — Work began Monday morning to add six new inspection booths at the Otay Mesa Port of Entry, part of a $122 million project to remodel and modernize the pedestrian side of the crossing.

The work is not expected to disrupt operations, where more than 5,700 commuters cross the border from Mexico to the United States on a daily basis.

According to the General Services Administration, “there will be floor-to-ceiling construction walls to facilitate the installation of the new booths with little, or no impact on pedestrian operations.”

The new lanes are expected to be completed by January 2023.

Once they are done, the six existing lanes will be remodeled making 12 lanes available to border commuters who often have to wait hours to cross the border.

Border commuters on the north side of the Otay Mesa Port of Entry. (Salvador Rivera/Border Report)

“I’m always crossing, though it’s not always like this, but today was definitely a little too much,” said Grecia Solis. “It took me two hours to get across.”

Grecia Solis said it took her two hours to cross the border on foot. (Salvador Rivera/Border Report)

Solis also said on days like Monday, wait times can become increasingly frustrating.

“It’s frustrating because there weren’t that many people and you could see it wasn’t moving at all.”

Solis, when told about the pending work to expand the crossing, said it was sorely needed.

“It would definitely help because you never know what time you have to wake up in order to get to work or to school, I think it will help a lot.”

In a statement, GSA said the “modernization and expansion project is an effort to alleviate wait times and provide a more seamless travel process.”

The anticipated completion date for the overall project is Spring of 2023.