SAN DIEGO (Border Report) — His real name is José Trinidad Camacho, but just about everyone in Mexico knows him as “Trino.”

Starting this week, more and more people in California will get to know his work and why he’s reached legendary status south of the border.

The Comic-Con Museum and the Mexican Consulate in San Diego have opened “Trino’s World,” an art exhibition dedicated to Trino’s work bringing together some of his drawings, watercolors, sketches and objects from his personal collection.

According to the Mexican Consulate, the exhibition will offer a unique glimpse into Trino’s “creative universe of the artist.”

This is the first time a museum in the United States has shown his work.

“It is our honor to work with the Consulate General of Mexico in San Diego to bring the work of this renowned artist to the Comic-Con Museum,” said Rita Vandergaw, Comic-Con Museum executive director. “As a binational community, we are doubly excited to highlight Trino’s work.”

Trino’s professional career spans more than 40 years in print and electronic media.

“He knows how to make jokes about our identity, about who we are,” said Carlos Gonzalez Gutierrez, Mexico’s Consul General in San Diego. “It’s a way to show what Mexico is, through the eyes of one of its most successful cartoonists.”

Trino has received numerous awards, including the National Prize for Journalism in Political Cartoons in 2000 and the Inkpot Award at Comic-Con in 2022 for his contributions to the world of comics.

He has also published more than 20 books with his comic strips and drawings along with several animated films.

“With his personal vision of humor, Trino has become a true icon of Mexican popular culture,” said González. “The fact that Comic-Con Museum has opened the space for an exhibition of his versatile work speaks of the impact that this beloved and respected cartoonist from Jalisco to the point that his art today serves as a bridge for dialogue and understanding between the people of Mexico and the United States.”

The exhibition at the Comic-Con Museum runs through July 5. The museum is located in Balboa Park near Downtown San Diego.