DALLAS (KDAF) — The weather outside isn’t so frightful anymore in the middle of January as it’s been pretty warm to start the new year in Texas, but it’s certain to cool down again soon and a bowl of menudo will be there to warm you up and tickle your taste buds.

January is National Menudo Month.

Menudo is a traditional Mexican stew made with beef tripe and hominy in broth, seasoned with chile and garlic and garnished with raw onions, lime and oregano. It’s also served with toasted French bread or tortillas, depending on where you get it.

Mexican families usually serve it for breakfast on Sundays, special occasions, and holidays as it can take five to 10 hours to prepare the dish.

Menudo is also believed to be the perfect hangover cure.

So, with this amazing dish, comes amazing spots all over Texas and Mexico. But what are the top spots in the world? A report from Taste Atlas says that food experts have picked Good Luck Cafe in El Paso as the top spot for menudo in the world.

Here are the top four spots for Menudo in the world, according to Taste Atlas:

  • Good Luck Cafe – El Paso
  • Museo Valle De Mexicali – Mexicali
  • La Nueva Casita Cafe – Las Cruces
  • Restaurante y Menuderia Lidia – Guadalajara