SAN DIEGO (Border Report) — Life in Tijuana and Baja California back in 1964 is on display at the Mexican Consulate in downtown San Diego.

A new exhibition features black-and-white photos taken by famed photographer Harry Crosby, who made a name for himself decades ago by traveling up and down the Baja peninsula documenting its natural beauty, history and people.

“We are celebrating 200 years of relations between the U.S. and Mexico,” Mexico’s Consul General in San Diego Carlos González Gutiérrez said of the decision to bring this exhibit to the Mexican Consulate. “The United States was the first country in the world that recognized our independence, it’s a matter of celebration and we thought it was particularly appropriate to do it with art from Harry Crosby.”

Eighteen photos taken by Crosby in 1964 in Tijuana are now on display inside the consulate.

The photos were donated by San Diego State University professor Paul Ganster.

“This is an example about Tijuana the city in 1964. We are in debt to Harry Crosby because he presents Tijuana in a way that you rarely see today,” González said.

Carlos González Gutiérrez is Mexico’s Consul General in San Diego. (Courtesy: Mexican Consulate in San Diego)

One of the photos on display is the famous vendor on the street reading the newspaper using a kerosene lamp for light.

“That is my favorite,” González said.

Crosby grew up in San Diego and is now 96 years old.

“Harry Crosby is an emblematic figure here in the border, he was a high school teacher and he fell in love with Baja California, with Tijuana, with Mexico,” said Gaspar Orozco, cultural affairs director for the Mexican Consulate in San Diego. “He was very passionate about exploring and letting the people know about the richness and the history and greatness of Baja California.”

The photographs will be on display for about three months at the consulate.

After the exhibition ends, the work will be turned over to the historical archives in Tijuana.

Those wanting to see the photographs can go to the consulate and ask the guard to be let inside, it’s free until 2 p.m. when the offices shut down.