TIJUANA — The organizers of large sporting events and other mass gatherings like music festivals, attended by Americans and others, should be held responsible for guaranteeing the safety and security of attendees, according to Roberto Quijano Sosa, president of the Baja California Citizens Council for Public Health.

This comes in light of the recent beatings of visiting team fans before a Tijuana Xolos soccer game and the murder of a 19-year-old man on a street next to Chevron Stadium, where the city’s baseball team, Toros de Tijuana, play.

The young man was shot four times following a game, according to Tijuana police. They say the victim was killed following an argument with his assailants inside the stadium.

“This is on whoever organizes an event, they have to ensure security for visitors and fans to any event and they have to protect the venues as well especially when there are young children and families present,” said Quijano Sosa.

He went on to say having police at events is good but more importantly, they need to have the resources to adequately protect citizens and visitors.

“These are regrettable, but it’s also a reflection of the deterioration of public safety in Tijuana, we’ve seen several cases recently that show how this impacts people,” said Quijano Sosa.