SAN DIEGO (Border Report) — The large holiday crowds south of the border did not materialize as expected, according to Tijuana’s Chamber of Commerce

“It was a positive weekend, although our expectations were not met,” said Julián Palombo Saucedo, president of Tijuana’s Chamber of Commerce.

On a bright note, Palombo Saucedo stated the 4th of July holiday was 8 percent better than Memorial Day Weekend in terms of visitors, but still far from projections.

“According to our figures, we had about 65,00 visitors from abroad who gave us a $5.2 million economic infusion, or about $80 per person,” said Palombo Saucedo. “We were hoping for 40 to 50 percent more than what we had”

A few months ago, the U.S. Department of State recommended Americans “reconsider” crossing the border into Mexico due to some incidents of violence in Tijuana.

“It could’ve been this alert issued by the United States, so many opted to go further south into Rosarito, which did really well,” said Palombo Saucedo. “The beaches were an ideal place considering the nice weather we’ve been having.”

He admitted the insecurity felt across the city of Tijuana also had an effect on the number of visits to the city.

“High profile crime continues to be a factor preventing tourism, and even though we are getting used to it and we’ve lost the capacity to be shocked by it, these crimes leave a lasting mark that makes visitors afraid.”