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The mission of is to provide real-time delivery of the untold local stories about people living, working and migrating along the U.S. border with Mexico.  The information is gathered by experienced and trusted Nexstar Media Group journalists hired specifically to cover the border.  The team is led by Salvador Rivera reporting from San Diego, Julian Resendiz reporting from El Paso and Sandra Sanchez reporting from McAllen. Salvador, Sandra and Julian have years of reporting experience and have spent the better part of their lives working and living in the border region. 

Original reporting from will be supported by dozens of Nexstar broadcast journalists working in stations along the border and in the region.  Nexstar Media Group also has staff in State Capitols and Washington D.C.  This allows the reader to never miss any policy discussions that may be going on that could impact the border region. 

Readers can count on a straightforward, trustworthy, daily approach to breaking news and key issues facing those living through the issues developing from San Diego to Brownsville. was established in 2019 and has won an Edward R. Murrow Award for “Excellence in Innovation.”

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About the 2019 Tour

The Tour was a television and digital news series documenting the lives of people and families living, working and traveling along America’s southern border. This series ran Sunday, September 22, 2019 through Tuesday, October 1, 2019 and enabled viewers and digital users to follow Nexstar’s team of leading multimedia journalists at for exclusive reporting and never-before-seen coverage from border communities as they embark on a 10-day journey along the U.S.-Mexico.

The tour started in San Diego and concluded in Brownsville, Texas. According to U.S. Customs and Border Protection, over 300,000 people were apprehended at America’s southwest border in 2018 and that number has increased over the years as more people and families seek asylum in the U.S.. While the complex issue of immigration continues to be hotly debated, this journey along the border is designed to avoid politics and deliver objective stories about everyday people who live, work and travel along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Equipped with Nexstar’s state-of-the-art multi-camera IP vehicle, the team of journalists livestreamed on the road and delivered real-time reporting as they made their way from the hustle of larger cities to the quiet peaceful border towns tucked between the majestic deserts and protected habitats that surround the Rio Grande. The series offers viewers a unique and revealing look at what’s actually happening at the U.S.’s southern border. The IP vehicle is equipped with the latest technology to deliver unprecedented footage from the border, including four point-of-view cameras and high-definition (HD) full color and FLIR thermal night vision rooftop cameras. Using the Twitter hashtag #BorderReport, digital viewers across 100 Nexstar websites and users could interact with the team of journalists and ask them questions about their coverage and what they experienced on the ground.

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